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Kase-san and Morning Glories Official English Cast List

8/13/2019 4:50:06 PM

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A relationship is like a garden. It's hard, really hard, to plant the initial seeds. Once you've gone through the agonizing process of wondering if the other person even likes you, fought the fear that telling her could destroy everything, and made your confession, the most difficult part begins. Because you have to keep nurturing this wonderful new feeling to keep it growing. Not just in your own heart, but in hers. And since even the most beautiful rose can cut you to the bone with its thorns, who can you talk to for advice? Especially when you're both girls in high school? For shy Yamada and boyish Kase, time is running out. High school is coming to an end and they must make a choice: stay together and let their love grow, or separate and let it die in KASE-SAN AND MORNING GLORIES.


Director……David Wald

ADR Script......Marissa Lenti


Kase……Morgan Berry

Yamada……Bryn Apprill

Mikawa……Apphia Yu

Yamada’s Mother……Shelley Calene-Black

Teacher……Luci Christian

Coach……Patricia Duran


Also with……

Elissa Cuellar

Karlii Hoch

Ty Mahany

Melissa Molano

Holly Segarra

Avery Smithhart              

Olivia Swasey

Cat Thomas

David Wald

Sarah Wiedenheft